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Having conducted 100,000+ surveys, our student satisfaction barometer accurately benchmarks students’ feedback about their on-campus experience.


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Regardless of whether you are a public university, private university, or college, Gradvoice can professionally help you identify, analyze, and gain insight from your students’ satisfaction rate in just 4 steps:

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  • 04 Receive thorough feedback on your campus on necessary improvements



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Track Records
Conducted 100,000+ Surveys

We have collaborated with many top institutions and organizations in various sectors and countries by using our insights to successfully help them achieve excellence.


We are recognized as a competent, reliable, qualified and seasoned body within our field by maintaining and ensuring the high quality and standard of our products.

The 8 Factors Model


Campus Facilities

We evaluate the quality of a campus’ facilities and if students are enjoying them

Academic Experience

Academic Experience

This factor examines how students perceive the institution’s learning experience

Talent & Skill Development

Talent & Skill Development

Students provide feedback on how the institution nurture and encourage a student’s potential

Career Prospects

Career Prospects

We look into an institution’s career support and if the graduates are highly employable

3D Printing

Tech Usage

We examine if the campus’ tech usage positively contributes to student’s productivity

Student Activities

Student Activities

This factor looks into student’s satisfaction on non-academic activities held within the campus

Student Support

Student Support

We evaluate the campus is providing good support for students’ overall needs


Social Experience

This factor looks into the students’ social behaviour, both off- and on-campus

Student Satisfaction Barometer

Student satisfaction can be defined as the degree of favourability in a student’s subjective evaluation of their various outcomes and experiences associated with their educational institution. It has become a yardstick in assessing how well an institution operates.

Using our student barometer to evaluate student satisfaction brings many positive impacts. As students are more satisfied, your institution’s performance and student number will definitely increase, allowing you to enjoy greater success.

Student Satisfaction
Perks for University Campuses


Have a sterling reputation and coveted title as one of Asia’s best campuses, making your institution a parents’ choice



Benchmark against competitors so your institution is able to stand out of the crowd, and boost the campus reputation



Improve your decision-making process by connecting and understanding students’ opinions to benefit both parties



Use our comprehensive data to refine and improve your services and operations, thereby gaining more achievements and success

For Campuses in Asia

Accreditation & Awards



Be awarded the Campus of the Year based on the overall evaluation results of students’ on-campus experience

Achieve the Best Academic Experience award based on the institution’s teaching and learning quality

Be recognized as having the Best Campus Facilities by having the best and most unique campus facilities

Have the Best Career Support based on the quality of career guidance and preparation students receive

Best Campus Accommodation is based on the quality and living conditions of student’s accommodation on campus

Receive the Best Student Wellbeing award when your institution provides excellent support for students

Measured based on the happiness of International Students

Best Social Experience is based on student’s access, interactions, and connections both in and out of campus

This award is measured based on the quality of on-campus recreational sport facilities for students

Be awarded the Best Student Activities based on the variety and quality of campus activities students experience

Be evaluated based on how your institution nurtures and encourages individual growth in students

Be recognized as the Best Tech Campus when you have the best technological utilization in students’ daily activities and processes

Need a Customized Student Satisfaction Barometer for your Campus?

We understand it is not one size fits all. If your campus needs a unique Student Satisfaction Barometer survey solution, please speak to our friendly customer success team for us to customize according to your needs.

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